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May 23 2018

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Concentrate to the Quiet by Dennis DeHart

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František Kobliha (Czech, 1877-1962, b. Prague, Czech Republic) - Noc Na řekou Dřevoryt (At Night the River), 1912  Woodcut

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“Life’s for joy”. Pseudo-Gulag embroidery.

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A summer evening

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by Marlene Dumas

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I will forever be profoundly unimpressed with people who take pride in their unkindness to others

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Lee Friedlander, Aretha Franklin

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László Mednyánszky aka Baron László Mednyánszky aka Ladislaus Josephus Balthasar Eustachius Mednyánszky (Hungarian, b. 1852, Beczkó, Slovakia, d. 1919, Vienna, Austria) - Night Pilgrims at the Crucifix. Trip through the Forest, c. 1880-1882  Paintings: Oil on Canvas 

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Alexandra Von Fuerst for CR Fashion Book

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