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February 01 2018

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Some photos of the 31 January 2018 “Super Blue Blood Moon” eclipse, taken in Tucson, Arizona, this morning.

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Anton Seder - Die Pflanze in Kunst und Gewerbe, Pl. 46 - 1887 - via Heinrich Hein Universitat Dusseldorf

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Always incredible to witness and capture something like this. Shoutout to everyone that pulled an all nighter to see this. Captured just outside of Wichita, Kansas.

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howd the victorians get to sleep without asmr vids am i right fellas

they hired little page boys to crinkle waxed paper in their ears all night

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Peppered moth variations



brunch is gay culture because none of us are awake before 10 am

except farm gays. these are the most powerful gays and I dare not fuck with them

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yo look at my plants

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roses @ christian dada fall 2018 

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